Jun Wang
Principal and Managing Attorney

Mr. Wang started his career in the field of U.S. immigration and nationality laws even before he completed his law school education in 1993. Upon receiving his J.D. degree from Brooklyn Law School, he joined a general practice law firm in New York City and helped the firm start its immigration law practice. Shortly afterwards, he started his own immigration law practice under the name of Law Offices of Jun Wang in 1995. He has been a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association since 1994 and practices immigration and nationality laws in all fifty states of the United States.

Mr. Wang first distinguished himself as an immigration attorney with his representation of the much publicized immigrant visa petitions for classification as Alien of Extraordinary Ability by Chinese folk artists who came to the United States in the infamous ship Golden Venture in the mid and late 1990's. With the approval of these visa petitions by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, Mr. Wang was interviewed by The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, WNBC (New York), CBS, Life Magazine, and all major Chinese language newspapers in the east coast of the United States.

What distinguishes Mr. Wang's immigration practice from the majority of immigration attorneys is the perspective gained from his personal experience as the beneficiary of the US immigration system and process. Mr. Wang personally went through the confusion, frustration, and pains of the seemingly impossible and never-ending immigration process in the United States. This personal process started before he started attending law school and continued throughout his law school years and through representation by different immigration attorneys, as well as through the appeal process. His personal experience as the beneficiary of the U.S. immigration system and process, first as a passive observer and then as an active participant working on some highly complicated legal issues, painful as it is, turned out to be a deciding factor in his choice of immigration law practice as a life-time career. This personal experience has added an invaluable dimension to his practice -- a sensitiveness to the emotional needs of individual clients, an understanding of the importance of timely and unobstructed attorney-client communication, and, in the context of any given employer sponsored immigration process, an enhanced awareness of an attorney's responsibility to reconcile the very often seemingly conflicting needs of the individual client with those of the employer.

Jiani Huo
Attorney at Law

Jiani Huo is admitted to practice in the State of New York and is a member of the New York State Bar Association. Ms. Huo holds two Master of Laws degrees (LL.M.), one in Banking, Corporate, and Financial Law from Fordham University School of Law; and the other in International Economic Law from The Chinese University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law. Ms. Huo received her Bachelor of Laws degree from Nanjing University of Finance & Economics.

With an academic background in international business law, Ms. Huo focuses her practice on business immigration, cross-border transactions, and associated general corporate governance. Ms. Huo routinely helps multi-national corporate clients in new entity formation, mergers and acquisitions, and international employee mobility as well as immigration compliance in the US. She has successfully assisted many multi-national enterprises in H and L work visa petitions, and PERM based immigrant visa petitions for key employees, and immigrant visa petitions for multinational executives and managers. She also helps employers with their internal employment eligibility verification and compliance under applicable federal regulations. In addition, Ms. Huo regularly provides legal services to foreign high net-worth individuals and treaty investors as related to their individual investments in the US, and helps them in obtaining related E-1/2 nonimmigrant work visas and EB-5 permanent resident status.

Over the past years, Ms. Huo has represented clients working in diverse fields, including fin-tech, real estate, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, education, TMT, e-commence, arts, fashion, and entertainment in their requests for work visas such as O-1 and P visas as well as for permanent resident status based on the classifications of aliens of extraordinary ability, and outstanding researchers or professors.

Xue Luan
Of Counsel

Michelle Xue Luan is admitted to practice in the State of New York and she is also a licensed attorney in the People’s Republic of China. Before she came to the United States, Michelle worked for years as an Associate Attorney in a Shanghai-based law firm, where she advised on investment companies and real estate management companies. She received her LLM degree from New York University School of Law and is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. Over the past years, Michelle has developed expertise in employment based practice, working with US businesses in diverse business sectors, including manufacturing, education, hospitality, real estate, law, high-tech and finance, helping them in nonimmigrant and immigrant visa petitions for their key employees. She has extensive experience working on employment-based cases, such as H, L, O, P and R nonimmigrant visas as well as PERM based process and immigrant visa petitions for alien of extraordinary ability, outstanding researchers and professors, and multinational executives and managers.

John Assadi
Of Counsel

Mr. John Assadi is a seasoned immigration law practitioner, specializing in the representation of foreign employees of multi-national corporations, international entertainers, scientists, and professional athletes. His clients include major nonprofit organizations, national sports leagues, major orchestras, larger companies and startups. Mr. Assadi received international media attention for his work as a co-counsel with Mr. Jun Wang on behalf of several Chinese artists who were aboard the Golden Venture ship. He was the former Vice-Chairman of the American Bar Association Immigration & Nationality Law Subcommittee and is admitted to the Connecticut Bar and Federal District Court. Mr. Assadi received his A.B. from The University of Chicago in 1983 and his J.D. from the Benjamin Cardozo School of Law in 1987.

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